Irena Hristova, a vocal pedaogog is responsible for the musical education of Pim-Pam.
With a great success Pim-Pam performs educational concerts at Bulgarian schools, and takes part in charity events, organized by public institutions.
The drama practice is a new trend in children’s training, parallel to music. The fokus is now on the stage and plastic presentation of songs. Experts from the National Academy of Drama and Film Art (NADFA) have been involved for the purpose.

Pim-Pam prepares original advertising clips for Bulgarian and international companies and takes part in different advertizing campaigns.

Pim-Pam is open for new contacts and engagements – in Bulgaria and worldwide.
You can hear the songs of Pim-Pam in the CDs “Let’s Be Different”, “It’s Christmas Again”, “Bona Sera”, “The Golden Hits of The 20th century” and of course our jubilee album “30 years Pim Pam”.
And how did everything begin?

Pim Pam was founded in 1979 by Boris Karadimchev – one of Bulgaria’s most respected and renowned composers and film music producers.

The formation came to life after the celebration of a grand prize won at Bulgaria’s Prime Music Awards – The Golden Orpheus. The Prize was awarded to a song written by Boris Karadimchev and performed by Mihail Belchev – a distinguished singer & songwriter together with a group of children in honor of the first Bulgarian astronaut. After the insistence of the festival organizers to announce the name of the children’s choir, Pim Pam was first revealed as a formation!

Since then, the group has allowed hundreds of children to grow, dream and achieve in and with music. Some of Bulgaria’s well-known contemporary singers and musicians have come out of Pim Pam.